Payroll Services

At Maintaining a right Payroll is a very important and challenging for every business. It involves many rules, calculations and legislations. You are also responsible to file the payroll tax returns with Canada Revenue Agency.

If you are facing difficulty in maintaining your in-house payroll then you can outsource our Payroll services. We will undertake to handle all your Payroll matters. Our expert and qualified accountants and lawyers have in depth knowledge of entire Payroll processing according to the standards set by Canadian Government. We make use of different accounting software for setting up and maintaining your Payroll system.

We provide a complete range of Payroll services including

?Setting up your Payroll system according to your tailored needs?
?Maintaining the complete record of your employees according to the details provided?
?Entering your daily or weekly time sheets in to the system
?Payroll calculations
?Payroll tax calculations
?Providing you the pay slips whenever you required
?Providing you different payroll reports monthly or whenever you required
?Providing you yearend summaries of your Payroll
?Filing your Payroll returns on your behalf
?And any other tailored needs of your Payroll

?Whether you are a small business with few employees or have hundreds of employees on your Payroll, we have the expertise and resources to deal in any case. Our main focus is to provide our customers with peace of mind, that they can focus more on their core business.