Personal Income Returns

The Being Tax advisers, our objective is to work closely with our customers to ensure that you pay the minimum income tax required by Canada Revenue Agency. We will provide you complete guidance and support to understand the tax implications of your different sources of income, to make you informed and you can plan ahead to conduct your affairs in a tax efficient way.

Preparation of your income tax return

All our tax professionals are certified tax advisers with years of experience and in depth knowledge. At All in one we prepare returns for all categories of personal income tax. We will determine your exact category of personal income tax, calculate your exact taxable income and will ensure you to get benefited from all the exemption available with your specific category.

?Previous Return Checking for Tax Refunds

Along with filing your current income tax return, we will review your last year?s tax return ensuring that you receive maximum possible refund. Our aim is to provide you cost effective taxation service where you earn more and pay less.

?Later Tax Adjustments after Filing your Return

In case you have already filed your return with Canada Revenue Agency and later you found another slip or deduction, then you don?t need to be worried. We can file a tax adjustment on your behalf, regardless of that we prepared the return or not. Our experts can provide you complete support in filing your adjustment. These adjustments are very important as they can enable you to get higher refund or to pay less income tax to Canada Revenue Agency.