Work Visa / Work Permit

All in one can assist you with our Canada work permit services

?The Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) requires that?Canadian employers meet certain?requirements before hiring foreign workers.

In order to work in Canada, foreign workers must have a?Canada Temporary Work Permit or Canadian work Visa.

At All in One, we appraise all aspects of the temporary job offer to make it sure that it fulfills HRSDC requirements which include:?

?The job you have applied for
?Your qualifications with respect to the job requirements
?Your country of citizenship
?Your current country of residence
?The jurisdiction of where this job available in Canada
?Whether or not there are licensing requirements for the job.

All in One?Work?Permit?Services include:

?Verifying that the person?has the suitable work experience, according to Canada’s National Occupation Classification (NOC) system;
?Verifying that the job applied for and the Canadian company offering the job have met the criteria for a job offer confirmation in Canada
?Preparing the application forms
?Verifying all the information available on forms
?Advising you on which documents are essential in support of the applications
?Preparation of detailed cover letters according to the job offer criteria?
?Preparation of detailed cover letters with the highlights of? your qualifications for the position
?Submission of your applications quickly to the appropriate government offices
?Tracking? your applications in progress and speed of processing, relative to other files we have submitted to the same offices
?Liaison with a particular office when there are any delays in applications processing
?Ensuring confirmation and Canada Work Permit issuance