Audit Preparation

At All in one has in depth understanding and experience of managing the financial audit process. We have audit specialists who will simplify your job and will make your audit process smooth and stress free.
Our expert accountants and auditors will provide you with high levels of internal audit and evaluation of your accounts for an external audit. We will ensure you the accuracy and consistency of your accounts by reviewing in compliance with standards. At the end of the job we will provide you with an internal audit report along with the financial statements of your business to summarize your accounts readiness for an external audit.

Our expert accountants will also provide you suggestions and guidelines to improve your accounting procedures and methods.

For audit preparation we provide a range of services which include:

?Audit readiness review?
?Selection of audit firm?
?Communication and planning with the audit firm?
?Account reconciliation?
?Preparation of audit schedules?
?Technical research and writing technical memos?
?Consultation with the SEC or AICPA?
?Financial statement preparation?
?Preparation of financial sections of SEC filings?
?Interfacing with the auditors

?You can opt to choose all these services or few of them according to your specific needs. We will feel pleasure in providing you a complete support for your audit preparation.