Skilled Workers

In Canada you may qualify for skilled worker or Quebec skilled worker Immigration if you have right work experience and qualifications. You can live and work permanently in Canada and can obtain permanent resident status, if you qualify for skilled worker immigration.

Canadian Federal Skilled Workers Immigration:

Under the Canadian Federal Skilled workers Immigration, the applicant must have completed his post-secondary education, should have relevant work experience and ability to speak and understand one of the Canada?s official languages (English or French).

Applicants for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Immigration are assessed under point system by Canada Immigration regulatory authorities. ?Points are awarded on the basis of candidate?s education level work experience, knowledge of Canadian official language, age, and authorized employment experience in Canada, authorized employment experience in Canada authorized post-secondary studies in Canada, spouse or common-law partner?s education, having a spouse or common-law partner or a blood relative (not a cousin) who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. A Skilled worker must have sufficient funds to support themselves and their family members for the period of at least six months after arriving in Canada.

The experience of skilled worker should be of immediate ten years, preceding the date of the application for permanent residence. The skill type must be of Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B of the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC).

Quebec Skilled Workers

Quebec provides visa approval to immigrants according to its needs.A Certificate de Selection du Quebec must be obtained for Qubec skilled workers visa. Once you obtained this certificate your application for Canadian permanent residence must be submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

We can assure you that your skilled worker will be accurate and complete and in accordance with Canadian Immigration law. The required time for application processing depends upon certain factors. We will give you accurate times for your individual application processing. We will also make it sure that the Canadian Immigration Visa Office is working according to set service standards for the processing of your application for Canadian Visa.

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